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Delta medium voltage drive is a high-efficiency, compact, high reliable and energy-saving solution. According to demand of different motors and loads, Delta provides general type and vector control type MVDs, which have a broad range of applications in segments such as power generation, oil & gas, mining, metals, cement, and public facilities. MVD is used to drive medium voltage motors loaded for instance by fans, pumps, compressors, mills, crushers, mixers, and extruders. MVD provides process control, so it can increase production efficiency, reduce energy loss, improve equipment protection, and reduce maintenance cost.

Delta provides customers complete solutions with easily operated variable frequency drives.
  Leading Technology
tab_dot Advanced control functions enhance adaptability against instable grid
tab_dot Multi-pulse input rectification reduces input current harmonic distortion, meeting IEEE 519-1992
tab_dot Advanced drive concept provides multilevel output voltages and enhanced motor operation
  Protection Features
tab_dot Over current
tab_dot Over load
tab_dot Transformer over temperature
tab_dot MVD over temperature
tab_dot Under voltage / over voltage
tab_dot Motor overload (external)
tab_dot Blower fault
tab_dot High voltage cabinet door open
tab_dot Cabinet air pressure abnormal
tab_dot Output short circuit
tab_dot Input / output phase loss
tab_dot Communication fault
tab_dot Output fault to ground
  Enhanced Process & Quality Control
tab_dot Built-in proportional integral differential (PID) controller enhances control of process variables such as flow and pressure
tab_dot Ride through and flying start features ensure a more continuous process in spite of input voltage dips
tab_dot Friendly user interface provideeasy-to-use system integration
  Control & Monitoring Features
tab_dot Frequency reference (Hz)
tab_dot Actual frequency (Hz)
tab_dot Input / output power / current / voltage
tab_dot Cumulative operating hours
tab_dot Drive status
tab_dot Status of system bypass switches and MCB
tab_dot Analog inputs / outputs monitoring
tab_dot Fault / Alert messages
tab_dot Fault diagnosis function
tab_dot Ride-through and flying start functions
  Lower cost of ownership
tab_dot System efficiency is more than 98.5% (without phase-shifted transformer)
tab_dot Optimized pump and fan operation ensure significant energy savings and short return on investment
tab_dot Integrated transformer enables a three-cable-in-three-cableout installation concept using considerably less engineering effort
tab_dot Reduced mechanical stresses eliminate hammer effect in pipelines and vent ducts, and lowers maintenance cost
tab_dot Multilevel voltages and motor soft start minimize stresses
Power GenerationForced draft fan, induced draft fan, boiler feed-water pump, cooling water pump, compressor,circulation water pump, compressor, condensator pump
Oil & Gas Gas compressor, electrical submersible pump, pipeline pump, brine pump, feed-water pump
Mining Ventilation fan, baghouse fan, slurry pump, feed pump, gas compressor, blast furnace fan
MetallurgyForced draft fan (FDF), induced draft fan (IDF), baghouse fan, descaling pump, feed-water pump, booster pump, coiler blast, furnace fan, gas compressor
CementKiln IDF, baghouse fan, separator fan, raw mill IDF
Public FacilitiesFDF, IDF, raw sewage pump, freshwater pump, feed-water pump
  Delta MVD1000 Advantages
tab_dot Delta MVD1000 is easy to operate and maintain, and offers special features for integration into a broad range of applications.
  MVD1000 Specifications
icon_document MVD 1000 Series Catalogue
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