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The Delta UPS business has more than a decade in designing, manufacturing and marketing UPSs globally. Delta is committed to innovating technically superior products and providing energy efficient solutions for a wide range of home, office, data center and industrial applications. Our client base covers world class enterprises in the areas of semiconductors, optoelectronics, food processing, finance, petrochemicals and telecommunications.

Delta UPS solutions include a full line of UPSs and management software, and we deliver industry-specific solutions worldwide to a broad range of market sectors and industry leaders. Our UPS solutions not only ensure uninterrupted processes with unmatched reliability but also meet your growing business demands with uniquely-designed scalability and flexibility.

Delta's UPS product portfolio includes one- and three-phase UPSs as well as online and line-interactive systems. The full product range comes in four models based on load type:

UPS Modulon family
The Modulon family features a three-phase modularization architecture for power rating requirements above 20kVA and supports datacenters, mid-large network equipment, data storage centers and financial disaster recovery centers. The Modulon Family’s core feature is its modular design and scalability. This permits a modest initial investment in UPS systems based on current needs, which lowers the total cost of ownership, maximizes efficiency and makes it easy to grow as demand increases.

UPS Ultron family
The Ultron family are three-phase UPS systems for power rating requirements above 10kVA that support mission critical applications including industrial equipment, datacenters, traffic control facilities, broadcast stations and backbone networks. The Ultron Family offers ultimate performance and can be relied upon for a wide range of application needs. Ultron’s rock-solid stability provides ongoing critical power supply protection and resultant peace of mind.

UPS Amplon family
The Amplon family are single phase UPS systems for power rating requirements above 1kVA that support medium to small network devices, medical devices, security and surveillance systems, ATM and POS systems. These UPSs save space while maximizing cost benefits. The Amplon Family offers ideal power management solutions for a wide variety of SMB.
Delta and B&A Ensures Uninterruptible Power at Provinciehuis Utrecht with Delta 120kVA Modular UPS 
Delta UPS solution powers major telecommunications operator in Morocco 
Delta’s UPS Systems Make it into the 2019 Approved Procurement List of the Agricultural Bank of China and the Bank of China 
Delta Electronics Equips a Leading Russian Retail Network with UPS Solutions 
The Ultron NT Series UPS protects people’s life in high-altitudinal and cold regions 
Delta UPS and DCIM solutions power new, green data center and data lab for Bytesnet 
Top Mining Company Selects Delta to Build its Data Center Infrastructure 
Delta enables Atos's colocation data centers to provide reliable services 
Delta’s UPS Solutions Protect the Product Lines of Leading Spanish Manufacturer Peronda 
Delta’s Cutting-Edge UPS Systems Support Mission Critical Applications in Five Football Stadiums of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ 
Delta Ultron HPH Series UPS Solutions Support Broadcast Tower Facilities for a Radio and TV Station 
Delta Modulon DPH series UPS Successfully Deployed by Major European Telecom Operators 
Delta Electronics Provides UPS Solutions to a Large Media Provider in the Republic of Belarus 
Delta Electronics Implements a Project for a Russian Oil-Refining Complex 
Delta Electronics Provides UPS Solutions for Iset Tower in Yekaterinburg 
Delta HPH Series UPS Keeps the High Speed Railway Network on Track 
Delta UPS protects the leading oil and gas company in India 
SunPower Corporation chooses Delta UPS to protect its PV park in Chile 
Delta Installs the Amplon Series UPS to Protect Comstar-UTs Base Stations in Russia 
Delta Electronics Introduces its Single-phase UPS to the Akmola Distribution Facility 
Delta NT UPS and Chang Chun Petrochemical Lead the Way for the Petrochemical Industry in Northeast China 
Delta Ultron NT Series UPS Protects Large Private IDCs in China 
Delta's InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solution Helps Harbin Radio, Film and Television Bureau Build a Highly-efficient Data Center 
Delta Electronics provides MEGA shopping center in Yekaterinburg with UPS systems 
Delta provides leading new energy enterprises in China with UPS support to help the development of new energy 
Delta’s Modulon UPS Series Provides Competitiveness, Energy Savings and Emission Reduction to China’s Telecom Sector 
Delta provides scalable modular UPS solution for Adelaide Airport as it continues to expand 
Delta Electronics Provides UPS Solutions for the Data Center of Systemniye Tekhnologii, JLLC, Republic of Belarus 
Delta's Power solution is the choice of the largest airport in South Korea 
Delta Electronics Provides Uninterrupted Power Supply at the Research Institute of Children's Infections in St. Petersburg  
Delta provides Ural Federal University with UPS solution in Russia 
Delta UPSs Protect TNK-BP's Tyumen Office in Russia 
Delta Ultron NT Series UPS Secures Power Reliability in the Automotive Segment for ICAT in India 
Delta Amplon N series UPS provides reliable power protection for a Fortune 500 company in precision electronics manufacturing 
Delta UPS Protects Pulkovo Air Traffic Control in Saint Petersburg, Russia 
Delta MCIS supports Shanxi Unicom data center renovation project 
GSK Biomed protected by Delta’s UPS Solution in Russia 
Delta’s high capacity UPS once again wins China Telecom bid 
Delta Electronics Provides UPS for Technical Systems of the Russian State Academic Maliy Theatre 
Delta Ultron DPS series UPS safeguards Data Center IMAQLIQ in Russia 
Australian Court Upgrades Back up Power System with Delta’s Modulon NH Plus Series UPS 
Melbourne Airport Chose Delta UPS for its Mission Critical Operations 
Delta Protects Visa Application Center in Russia from Power Outages 
Delta Provides UPS to LG Electronics Plant Data Center in Russia 
Delta Ultron HPH Series UPS Chosen by German Premium and Luxury Car Manufacturers to Protect Power Supply Systems 
Delta UPS selected by major electronics manufacturer in Guangdong China 
Rosmorport Facilities Install Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems by Delta Electronics 
Delta Electronics UPS installed at Zenit Arena Stadium in St. Petersburg 
Delta Electronics Implements Solution for Sberbank in Russia 
Delta supports world’s leading IT hardware manufacturer to build one of the most efficient data centers for KLU in India 
Delta UPS protects new shopping mall in Bratislava, Slovakia 
Delta MCIS India Supports the Power Supply of Simulators used in the Leading Aviation Training Center 
Delta completed integrated power solution for the leading fixed-line operator in Poland 
Delta supports the continuous running of ATMs for a major bank in Peru 
Delta MCIS upgrades UPS for a leading Russian pharmaceutical company 
Delta Introduces the Ultron NT Series UPS System to Russia’s S7 Training Center 
Delta wins a bid from one of the world's leading mobile telecommunications companies in India 
Delta MCIS Provides Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) with Power Protection Systems 
Delta Modulon DPH Series UPS Chosen for its Scalability at Poland’s Rzeszów Airport 
Delta UPS Watches Over the Launch of One Important China’s Target Spacecraft 
Delta Ultron NT Series ensures the continuous operation of the Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Rail in China 
Delta MCIS protects Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. in India 
Delta Ultron NT Series helps make Ripe Components more productive! 
Delta MCIS UPSs protected high-tech manufacturing in Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park during power outage 
Delta MCIS Secures Power Reliability for Packaging Sector 
Delta UPS systems protect Metalloinvest’s facilities in Russia 
Delta supplies Modulon NH Plus UPS to Second Hospital of Lanzhou University in China 
Delta UPS Solutions Back the 12th National Games of China with a Stable Power Supply 
Delta UPSs are The Power Behind Competitiveness for Universiade, China 
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