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Suzhou Tongli Lake Hotel, founded in 2004, is located on the bank of Taihu Lake in Tongli Ancient Town, Wujiang City, Suzhou. It covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters and is located in the 5A-level scenic spot of the mainland. It is assessed by the National Tourism Administration as a gold leaf-level green tourist hotel, rated 5stars. Since its establishment, it has won the Best Hotel Award for Jiangnan Culture for many times. The Tongli Lake Hotel is owned by the Delta Group. The hotel's overall design includes a complete lakeside ecology and exquisite Chinese garden, which skillfully integrates comfortable modern facilities and classic, elegant jiangnan ancient culture.

Project Requirements
The original monitoring system is old, difficult to maintain, the picture is not clear and the color difference is serious, and the monitoring points are insufficient, resulting in safety concerns such as the blind spots in parking spaces, passages and sofa areas. In addition, the initial monitoring cameras showed a dark picture when the street lamps were turned off at night, which could not effectively provide night monitoring functions, etc. All were the pain points that the owner hoped to improve through the project.


● Vehicle safety plan: Apply Delta's license plate recognition technology and design the vehicle capture area to maintain the appearance and state retention of the gate vehicles, and monitor the entire parking lot.
● Provide whole-region camera monitoring coverage: Increase monitoring points from120 to 319, including all indoor and outdoor passages, corners, etc. Nighttime color images are also used to provide bright and clear images when the outdoor light is low.
● Large screen displays unified management: All display screens are planned in the fire center to facilitate centralized management of management personnel, and space is reserved for integrating smart security management platform in the future, which makes it easier to save labor costs.

Delta provides customized vehicle access integration services and comprehensive monitoring can immediately solve disputes to reduce customer's complaints; the full-time camera monitoring coverage and centralized video management can effectively reduce security concerns as well as labor costs and improve management performance.

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