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Cloud computing, 4G/5G and media streaming applications are driving the exponential growth of data traffic. IT managers are now facing the challenges of data center scalability for future IT expansion. As a world-leading data center solutions provider, Delta is introducing power container solutions for MW data center applications. The power container solutions feature high scalability to expand along with business growth. The agile and modular architecture can also combine with other individual modular subsystems including cooling, service, and IT containers for a complete containerized data center. Per customer requirements, Delta offers various design options and services for optimal solutions. Delta also provides total data center life cycle services, including consulting, design, simulation, implementation and after service. Delta is the trusted backup power behind large data centers enabling people to enjoy a better digital life.

power container
power container

Case Study

One of the world’s leading colocation service providers selected Delta’s power container solution to create the edge network in the Asia Pacific region for its client’s edge computing applications. Delta offers unique flexibility and scalability to match customers' business growth by integrating different power configurations, energy-saving cooling, smart monitoring and control, and other critical elements in one single platform.

Project Overview:
    ● IT load 3MW per data hall
    ● Power capacity is 900kW per power container
    ● 4 power containers for a data hall
    ● N+1 redundancy

power container

power container

For further inquiries, please contact datacenter.solution@deltaww.com
  Fast Deployment, Pay as You Go
tab_dot Flexible and scalable with only a few weeks or months for deployment to meet the rapidly growing IT needs.
tab_dot Not restricted to build size (width & height).
tab_dot Add or remove walls, or stack the modules.
  High Flexibility & Agility
tab_dot Movable and reusable for the next build.
tab_dot Multi-sites duplication with same design.
tab_dot Easy for maintenance and spare parts management.
tab_dot Either AC or AC/DC converged backup power is applicable.
  Highly Integrated, Highly Reliable
tab_dot Prefabricated, pretested, and fully configured.
tab_dot UPS, battery, cooling, fire suppression and DCIM system are well integrated.
  TCO Optimization
tab_dot Less risky. Highly predictable.
tab_dot Minimize human errors and training cost by learning curve effect.
tab_dot Fast deployment enables IT revenue generation at earlier phase for earlier investment payback.
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